22 October, 2016

Sorry but I'm just not that into you

I looked forward to meeting you and not-so patiently anticipated your arrival when at last it was time to meet but alas, my expectations are falling short.

So it's time for me to say "Sorry but I think we need to see other people".
Ok, so the truth is that I waited to the entire year to start this shawl as I totally enjoyed making the Mystery Shawl last year but it's just well... this shawl is boring. Yes, I said it ..boring. 
Last year's shawl was fun from the very start, you just didn't know what was coming next, it started with wedges but what would happen then? Then he threw us for a loop and we then did a big cable down the side then it was fun waves and a groovy finish but this shawl is the same row after row after row.. boring.

I have so much I need to do right now for Christmas & birthday prep that this is dragging me down, so I've decided to put it aside until my hand-made gift making list has been completed.  I've still got Carrot Boy to make and a Princess Quilt to crochet, a quilt for mum as well of lots of other things to make.

Yes, I'm disappointed but I'll get over it.

...have you ever broken up with your crafty project too?