17 September, 2016

Making a making list ...& checking it twice

The clock is ticking... it's the middle of September and Christmas (as well as Joe's birthday) is on it's way, so it's time to set a plan into action for all the handmade gifts I'm planning to make!
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Yarn makes:

~ Crocheted baby in a bassinet, I'm thinking of making this for Laney but Joe loves this kind of stuff too so I'm not sure who would end up with it!
~ Crochet cactus, a rather cute grumpy cactus and I'm sure Joe will really adore him!
~ Mouse Messenger, he's also on my to make list as I fell in love with him at first sight!
~ I'm also hoping to whip up a couple of these crochet purses as kids love zips!

...and I have to stop looking because I just saw the most adorable teddies picnic set......

So if I manage to finish off all that hooking, then I have a few more crochet toys lined up to make!

Fabric makes:

~ A stack of handmade undies, trying to mix it up & make them fun for them.
~ A squid pencil case for Joe and a new backpack for school, hopefully he'll think it'll be cool enough for school but I'm not sure of what fabric to use
~ I'll try & squeeze in time to make a basket or two either for the kiddies, hubby or perhaps make a gift basket for a friend ..ooh, maybe one for a teachers gift too
~ A little fabric zipped bowl for Joe & Laney to put their small toys in.
~ I just bought this pattern to make Joe (& Laney) a couple of shirts. It uses woven fabric so it'll be a great stash buster ...I am guilty of buying fabric with no purpose so hopefully, this'll make a nice dent in the stash.
~ And, I've still got make another one of these awesome bags for Lisa ... -- I haven't forgotten, it's always been on my to-do list but it might get a little delayed maybe it'll be a New Year gift instead!
I bought these (above) hardware kits to make the Adventure case, one each for the kiddies but I'm not sure what to make them in. Should I go plain solid colours like the pattern shows or should I go quirky kiddies fabric (that'll they may outgrow)?  What are you thoughts? 

The last thing I can think of to make is to turn this fabric into a quilt for my mum, hopefully. I'm not stressing about it too much because I'm kinda hoping the fairies will come along & whip it up for me!  If all else fails, I buy her a box of chocolates!

I'd love to know what your making list looks like, please share with us and one last question... do you have a Pinterest board especially for gift ideas as I'm thinking of starting one up.

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