16 September, 2016

Fabric bowl/pouch

How totally ace is this fabric bowl?!  It's a bowl & a pouch as it zips up to hold everything secure then opens out to this wonderful bowl-shape with a flat bottom.
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You've gotta get the pattern as it is just so darn practical. I've made about 5 now and I'm still going!  The pattern is easily enlarged. The above Shopkins bowl was enlarged to 200% and it still worked - that is how fab the pattern is!
I've made a couple that are for the kids, the rest are for me!  I'm thinking of trying another but using vinyl fabric in the interior to make it wipe-able and trying it for snack foods.
Also, if you are a visual learner, then you need to try this pattern as it comes with a video tutorial on how to make it!

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