27 September, 2016

a needle wallet

Every now and then, I make something and really impress myself. That is what happened when I made this awesome wallet.

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The pattern was super easy to make.
Well, for a starters, it will provide a handy storage for singular sewing needles and provide a spot for those silly little packets of needles.  You can use the grid provided & print it onto fabric. There are two different types of grids, one for sewing machine needles and the other for hand-stitching needles.   Instead of using the grid provided (which would have been really simple to do), I decided to use the fancy lettering stitches on my sewing machine.  I've had my sewing machine for over 20 years and have only used the lettering when I first got it!

The little vinyl pockets are really easy to add, really easy!  I was worried about using vinyl but nope, it was so easy!
Then there is the super handy zipper pockets on the outside and let me tell you, installing the zip (according to the pattern/video) will blow your mind. Yes. I've never installed a zipper like that and wowser, it's brilliant! ...I'll never go back to my old way of installing a zipper ever again!

You could also add the strap (that is part of the pattern) but I knew I wouldn't be using that, so I missed that step and I really like the effect of the elastic closure.

So, stop what you are doing and go & grab the pattern and make your sewing space tidier!


  1. A great idea for those loose needles! Now I just need to get a machine that does lettering!

    1. the pattern comes with a grid that you can print out -- you don't need an actual embroidery machine.

  2. No pattern at the link. :( This is really cute!

    1. Gah!! Oops, so sorry but I've updated the links now!


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