30 October, 2017

Spring Squares Bag ......& a 'recipe' on how to make one for yourself.

I'm pretty chuffed with my latest project, a Spring Squares Bag that I'll use for carrying my crochet or knitting projects when I head off to my crafty groups. 
I received the yarn via a monthly yarn club and I decided that I wanted to make something with it straight away rather than just adding the yarn to my stash. The bag is all my design, I kind of just made it up as I went along!
I used almost 4 full balls of (thickish) cotton yarn and a chunky crochet hook and browsed through all my crochet books (& pdf patterns) until I found a design that I felt suited the colour. I chose the Framed Flower square from this book after I trying (& frogging) the Nanna Square from this one because it didn't work well with my yarn.

I joined all the squares together then realised that I needed some strong structure to support the bag. I made a square cube using some foam stabiliser finishing off with binding to provide the 'bones' for my bag, turned it inside out (so the pretty fabric was on the interior of the bag) and slid it inside the bag. I then added some lovely soft leather handles, crocheted a cord and voila.
how to crochet an easy 'square' bag
here's a 'recipe' on how to make your own bag using whatever yarn, hook & crochet square pattern you want

Spring Squares Bag 'recipe' 
~  make 5 crochet squares, making sure that they are all the same size
~ join 4 into a 'tube' or 'loop' then attach the base which is the last square
~ add some height to your bag by adding some additional rows of crochet to your bag
~ remember to add an extra row in for your cord, the best way is to add a row of clusters that you'd use if you were crocheting a granny square
~ finish the last row (which will be the top edge) with a nice edging row (try something from this book if you want something different & pretty!)
~ if using a lining or interior, add this now (I used foam stabiliser to provide extra support for my bag)
~ add handles
& enjoy.

Cotton Yarns from knitpicks.com

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  1. Super cute bag! I like the insert idea a lot!


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