17 November, 2017

I made a Duo Wallet!

I treated myself to a new wallet, one that I made myself.
The wallet has dual pockets (hence the Duo Wallet name) so I keep the money in one side and my phone in the back one.
It opens out to store all your cards.
I added a tab with a D-ring for my keys .. and yes, my d-ring is too big but I was just trying to use what I had and couldn't be bothered going back & cutting more fabric (yep, I'm lazy).
Duo Wallet Pattern Review 
I adore my mint green coloured zips but in hindsight, I just should have used an ordinary size zip rather than the wider 'handbag' width zip but hey, it's minty! 
I also added a small pocket to the inside of the front pocket, so I can slip my credit card in there with my notes & coins. 

Ahh and yes, it has wrinkles. Ugh, in fact - I hate them!  Unfortunately, I went against my better judgement and actually followed the pattern instructions to put the stiffer interfacing on the exterior piece ..I thought it might wrinkle and whammo, it did. Sigh, oh well, I guess I'll just have to live with it and lesson learnt from next time - study your interfacing!

Umm....  those credit card slots on the interior ..totally impossible. In fact, I had to use YouTube to find a tutorial on how to add a credit card slot to a wallet (a different pattern) to figure the bloody things out.  Maybe it's because I've never done them that way before, maybe it's the pattern or maybe it's because was Tuesday (!!) ..in any case, I didn't enjoy adding those darn credit card slots in!

Pattern here.......
Exterior fabric from here...

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