09 November, 2017

Two Rectangles Skirt

A very easy skirt pattern - just 2 rectangles and she won't stop wearing it! 

I had a nice rectangular piece of fabric left over from when I made a dress for Laney. As I was folding it up to put into my stash, I stopped myself because I'll use it rather than stash it.

Trying to think of something easy to make that used it all up, I suddenly remember that I didn't actually need a pattern and taking inspiration from this book, I grabbed folded it in half and whammo - this would make a great skirt! So I grabbed a rectangular piece of jersey ribbing from my stash, sewed the two together and it was finished.
I showed my daughter who immediately put it on ...and I've struggled to get it back off her ever since!

Awesome pattern book available here in Aus or here everywhere else.
Gorgeous organic fabric from here...

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