03 December, 2017

Crafty Swaps!

Are you looking for a handmade gift but don't actually want to buy anything? Well, I've got the perfect solution for you - a crafty trade! 

How to swap/trade:

Look through the items (photos) and when you see something awesome that you'd love then email me at CraftyRieATgmailDOTcom OR pm me on Fb (here:https://www.facebook.com/CraftyRie)  OR leave a comment here on my blog. 

I'll look through all the offers and choose the best ones that I want! 

What to offer for swap/trade:
Anything! Check through your stash, what have you got that you don't want anymore that you think would make a good trade. I love fabric, pre-cuts, yardage - cotton or knit/jersey. I love yarn. I want to start Project Life but don't have anything for that. 

If you're not crafty but would love to still trade then I'm always hungry for vintage cotton floral sheets (not flannelette) or pillowcases too. 

Vouchers for places like Spotlight, Etsy are good too (but don't purchase them until the swap has been agreed too).

But more importantly, if in doubt, talk to me!!

All items will be posted to you in a red Aus Post satchel with tracking and that's how you'll be sending me your trade/swap too. You must provide the tracking details to me asap & I'll do likewise for your parcel too.

Australia Wide swap only.

I will be adding things to this swap album as I gather them together!

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