28 December, 2017

Out of my comfort zone

I just finished this (very big) knit, a boxy oversized jumper for me ... and I LOVE it!
I first fell in love with the colour of this yarn, when I knitted a jumper for Joe (this one) and totally wanted it for me, even if it is the middle of summer here in Australia! 

I haven't knit myself a jumper in over 30 years, the last jumper I made for myself was out of handspun wool when I was still in High school!

Time for brutal truths as I want this to fit me properly so I wear it all the time:
The roundest part of me is 57.5" so that makes makes choosing the measurement for the body circumference interesting, the smallest is 64" then 3 x 68" then it jumps to 76". 76" would be just too big & I think I'd be embarrassed to wear something that big and would feel 'big' all the freakin' time. 64" gives me a little room but hey, this jumper is called Boxy, so that means more room than an average jumper so I'm going with 68".
Sleeve circumference - my measurements is 13" (with 2 layers of clothing on because, hey it's winter here!) so I think I'll go 14".
Length from shoulder to bum is 25" and I'd rather a longer than shorter version, so I'll go 26" - to be checked as I knit it for length.  I'm thinking of starting of as seamed and then after the ribbing join in with the back (with the back a little longer) to give it a high-low split hem.  So to summarise for quicker notes, I'll be making:
Body circumference 68" (to fit my 57.5")
Sleeve circumference at elbow 14" (to fit my 13")
Length from shoulder to bottom 26" (to fit my 25"

I am now casting my eyes over more yarn in my stash to make myself some more of these! 
I'm thinking this cotton/acrylic blend so I could actually wear it in summer but can't decide one a colourway.  There is also this super gorgeous alpaca/wool blend, just imagine how snuggly it would be!

Pattern details here.....
Have you made a boxy yet? 

Wool Yarn from Knit Picks
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