21 March, 2018

Riley Vest

My latest sewing project was this super cute vest for Joe. It's just starting to get a bit cooler here in Tasmania, so it'll keep him snuggly warm whilst playing outside.

Pattern was the Riley Vest and it's wayyyyy easier than I though it would be!  I made this is one afternoon, so yes .. I'm impressed with myself! It's also supposed to have pockets but after being sick for two weeks and not having hot water for entire week (the hot water system busted), I just kind of forgot to do them.. oops.
Using a 'new to me' type of fabric for the exterior of the vest, a quilted fabric and for the inside of the vest I just used a unisex kids patterned fabric because when Joe grows out of it, Laney can then wear the vest. 
The toughest thing about this sew was sourcing a zip! I needed an open ended zip and couldn't find one in my local store & ended up finding one online. So to make life easier for you, here's a link to a few different stores for you that sell open-ended zips  ..here... & here... 
I totally want to make one of these for me now, seriously, I do and yes, the pattern comes in doll sizes and women's sizes, so yes, I can make one for me now!  I would need to figure out how to do an FBA (with this) and then I'm thinking I'll use this gorgeous fabric for the outside and either this or this for the interior.

So, what do you think of it, does it look ok?  Hubby took one look at it & asked if he can have one!  ...I actually contacted the designer to ask if she is thinking of doing a mens version & she is seriously considering it! Yes!  

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