26 March, 2018

The Bright & Cheery Blanket

Now that Laney is a 'big girl' now, she needed a new bed and of course, I took that opportunity to also crochet a blanket.
So, here it is, a big bright colourful blanket. 
Do you like it? 
Laney loves it and it has all her favourite colours, yellow, orange and of course pink.
I made this blanket with a 'new to me' yarn called Bernat Pop which I got from the super helpful shop called  American Yarns
I hadn't crocheted anything in acrylic for ages and was super pleased by this yarn. Yes it is acrylic but gosh, it's lovely & soft, working up like a dream.  I also loved how the colourful yarn cakes are. I didn't plan any colour changes in this blanket, the balls of yarn decided that for me!

To make the blanket, I crocheted 4 big granny squares of 8 rows each in the colourway Pop Art. I joined the 4 squares and made 8 rows to form the bed width & length. I then used the soothing creamy colourway Snow Queen to add depth the blanket (for the sides & top & bottom). 
In total, I used 14 balls of Bernat Pop, 8 for main body of it in Pop Art and 6 for the edges in Snow Queen.
Would I use this yarn again? Big fat YES!
Would I grab the yarn from American Yarns again?  Big fat YES, they were lovely to chat too with super quick postage.

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  1. I've never understood the rap against acrylic. It washes and stores well. For most of the people I make afghans for machine washable is a huge plus.

    I love the bright colors, but I have trouble getting all the squares sewn together. I'm making a bright crazy colored afghan at the request of a family member for her graduation. I loved working with the funky colors and yes it is acrylic. It has to last college life.


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