02 May, 2018

The Gorgeous Mermaid

When your little girl wants a mermaid, you make her one of course!
I had decided, as a spur of the moment decision, to sit down & make my daughter a doll.  She, of course, comes along & to see what I am doing and immediately asks "are you making me a mermaid?" ...umm no, so we discuss mermaid tale shapes and she draws me one. I then cut the shape out to fit the doll pattern that I was originally planning to make.
I try to add some scales but discover later on that I did them upside down ..so don't look too hard at the photos!
I'm really impressed with the embroidery face that I did for her. The pattern had such awesome instructions that if actually gave me the confidence to try it!  ...does it look ok to you?
I'm also pretty chuffed with the hair. You see about a year ago, I was experimenting dyeing yarn and really, really stuffed up. I ended up with a mangled matted skein of rainbow colours. I wasn't sure what to do with it but hey turns out, it makes great mermaid hair!
So details: the original doll pattern is this one BUT they do have a very pretty mermaid pattern in case that's what you're planning to make!   Go ahead & treat yourself as the patterns are just awesome!

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