08 May, 2018

The Handbag that turns into a Backpack!

I recently stumbled upon the most awesome pattern, the Pavia Backpack: it's a handbag that turns easily into a backpack!  So, of course, I just had to make it!

It is easy to assemble & sew, actually, it's way easier than it looks. Those angled zippers on the front are very easy to install.
I was one of the pattern testers for this pattern and I'm very happy I signed up for it as I now have a super handbag that can stash a decent size yarn project & carry it with me out & about then I can quickly pop it on my back when I have to have my hands free. Awesome. The perfect 'mother' bag!!  
Also, can we just take a second to admire that awesome fabric. Sigh. I love it. 

Grab some of the gorgeous fabric....
Grab the pattern here.......

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