15 August, 2018

Tapestry Crochet

I'd never tried tapestry crochet before, so after stumbling on this cute pattern I thought I'd give it a try but as you can see from the original pattern I umm... well, I didn't finish it. Turns out attempting tapestry crochet for the first time with old scratchy yarn just isn't my thing!  

Instead of undoing all my work, I decided to join the cast on end together, added a zip & lining and voila a neat little pouch.
I'm actually super happy with my pouch, so I've decided to give it to my Mum for her birthday.
I will attempt tapestry crochet again but with better yarn such as 220 because there are so many cute tapestry crochet patterns such as this gorgeous blanket and this cute cactus crochet that I'd love to try. In the mean time, someone saw my struggles with tapestry crochet and sent me their patterns for mosaic crochet which looks just like tapestry crochet but supposedly easier, so I can't wait to try them!

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