03 August, 2018

The Big Project Bag Swap, Australia.

Do you use project bags for your craft projects?  I sure do and you know what, I wish I had bigger ones! All the projects that I'm knitting & crocheting at the moment seem to be at minimum of 4 balls and all my project bags are way too small!

As I set out to make myself a bag, I suddenly thought 'I wonder if anyone else needs/wants a bigger project bag'. So I put some feelers out and yes, there was interest. So here we are, The Big Project Bag Swap, Australia only.

The basics:

You make a big project bag, you mail it to me, I combine it with the rest of the swaps and in return you will receive a different project bag back in the post!  Does that sound like a fun idea to you?

What kind of bag should I make?
You can make project bags from anything! They could be knitted, crocheted, felted or sewn, just remember that they need to be big!  In trying to decided what to make, you may find it easier to think along the lines of "what would I like to receive" or "what would be useful for me" for inspiration, as you are a crafter & you know what you need/want! right?!!

How big is a project bag?

The project bags need to be big, they need to hold approx. 6 Bendigo Woollen Mills balls (it was the easiest size reference that I could think of!)
You can make just one bag (& receive one in return) or you can make two or three (& receive two or three in return) etc.

The details:
~ If you want to swap 1 project bag only then please include (along with the project bag) a 1kg (or 3kg) prepaid Australia Post satchel self addressed (with your name & address) so that I can pop your return swap project bag straight into it & mail back to you.

~ If you want to swap multiple project bags then please include a prepaid 5kg Australia Post bag -- self addressed of course!

It's not required but you may like to pop 'a little something' in the bag/s such as a letter or a pressie for your swap partner.

Swap deadline:
All swap parcels need to be posted to me by the 31st August - that gives you over a month of project bag making & plenty of chance to mail it.

Due to using pre-paid trackable postage satchels (to ensure that the swap runs smoothly) this is an Australian Swap only.  

Would you like to join the swap?  Just send your swap stuff (remember to include your return satchel) to me:
Marie Biswell, PO Box 12,
Blackmans Bay  Tas 7052

You will need to post the swap parcels by the 31st August 2018. I will then swap the bags and you will have your new project bag/s by mid September.

Worried about what kind of bag you'll receive (for your effort) or if

you'll get something in return?
~ I'll do my best to match skill for skill & size for size that way (hopefully) you won't be disappointed in the project bag you receive in return.
~ You only get a project bag if you've sent one if for the swap. The project bags will be posted directly to me (along with the return prepaid, self addressed satchel) so you will already have your own tracking number for the parcel.

General swap stuff:
Ok, so let's look at what makes a good large-sized project bag.
Well, as we are wanting to swap larger project bags, let's use good ole Bendigo Woollen Mills balls as a size gauge!  I'd suggest aiming to fit approx. 6 bwm balls into this project bag.

As it's a larger size bag, it'll need to be able to sit flat - so it needs a bottom/base to the bag. It'll also need sides or gussets and of course be tall enough.  It will need to have a wide (or opens wide) top/opening.  It's up to you if you want to use a zip, button or just leave it open.
Yes, it will need handles too.

Here are some examples to get your brain thinking:

Solid base, tall sides, deep enough for the balls:
~ Stand Up & Tote Notice   
~ Factotum Office Tote   
~ Andrea's Rucksak … I've made this before and it has a super wide opening, perfect for large knitting projects, see it here. 
~ Hello Pouches (but you'd need to add a handle!)
~ Kids Art Organizer Tote … I've actually made that bag and it holds up really well, see the one I made here...
~ Aeroplane Bag

Big wide base, narrower height:
~ Project Bag pattern
~ Crafty Organizer Bags
~ H Bag
~ Awesome Sewing & Travel Tote - I have my eyes glued to this, it looks super perfect!
~ Makers Tote - I made one for me years ago and it's simply perfect for large projects. See it here...
~ Crimson & Clover Train case - larger size

Good for travelling projects: 

~ Creative Tote
~ Quilted Travelling Duffle
~ Granny Tote
~ Bucket Bag
~ Park Lane Bag
~ Lavender Cosmetic bag - yes, I know it's for cosmetics but the larger size would make the most awesome project bag
~ Summer Festival Sling

For those that want to either knit or crochet a project bag:

~ Boho Chic Mosaic tote 
~ Chasing Chevrons tote 

The above are just a few examples, there are hundreds of patterns that you could choose from, please feel free to make whatever you want and hey, if you can recommend some patterns then please leave a comment below too.

Happy project bag making!

To share your project bag making ideas, progress & receipt of goodies, use this hashtag #TheBigProjectBagSwapAustralia

Please feel free to use the above logo to help promote the swap as the more people involved the bigger variety of project bags there will be!

ps. I just checked and it's been exactly four years since the last project bag swap!  Where you in the first project bag swap?

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  1. Boo hoo I can’t play! It sounds fun!

    1. sorry sunshine!! it just makes things so much easier if we use the Aus Post satchels.

  2. Now i will have to buy 6 balls of bendigo wool just to "make sure" they will fit. Poor me lol!

    1. ..or you could just fold up a jumper to see if it fits into the bag ..or use it as a good excuse to buy more yarn!

  3. I really really like this idea - I'm just starting out in the project bag department, so I don't have anything to swap as yet. But I'd love to participate in the future!

    1. You've still got a week to send something in, so you may be able to still! In any case, I'm sure there will be another in the future at some point.


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