03 December, 2018

Planning on making..

It's the busy time a year, a time where I try to squeeze in way to much that I can possibly fit in BUT these are my makey plans.

For Joe's upcoming 8th birthday, I have a list of things to make but eep, time is ticking down!  
I'm crocheting an alley cat toy, making the hedgehog from this book and hopefully will have time to make him this 'star' top but if not then hopefully I can squeeze it in for Christmas!  I bought him something different than I'd normally would have but I thought he might like it - have you ever had a Tamagotchi?

For teachers gifts, I'll be making some water bottle covers using this tutorial and will also be making some up for the kids - they'll be handy when we go on our long walks these upcoming school holidays.

Ok, down to Christmas morning.
I'll be making him some boxers using this pattern. If I have time, I'll try to make him a vest as he really liked the one I made Joe a few months ago.
He's always wanted some sort of overalls, so I found these ones which will be good for summer. A pair of these trousers, these cute shorts and maybe this top.
A cute romper, the Daniella skirt but I'll try to make it long as she really, really loves them long and maybe this willow dress.

Kids: I want to make this suitcase and fill it with doll clothes as they both love playing doll dress-ups -- this is a 'if I have the time' project so I'm not counting on it for a major pressie.
Their main present is something that they could each have but they could play together. I hope they can use the bands on the trampoline as well in the car and at home too.

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