12 February, 2019

Join me in a Val-along

Ahh, it's the season of love. Valentines Day is once again upon us but hey, why let other dictate what you can or can't do, why relay on others for your happiness?
Take control and love yourself this Valentines Day and do something or make something or buy something just for you. Come and join me for my sixth Valalong #2019VALalong.

This year, I've decided to clear out some of my clutter and destash my WIPs (unfinished works in progress) - you know the ones in the back of the cupboard, the ones that I set aside but never picked up again.

It's freeing, giving myself permission to acknowledge that they won't be finished or that I just don't like them anymore. Can I change them into something else? Can I use the yarn/fabric for a different more satisfying project? I can just sit there and darn in a few ends and voila, a finished project?

I'm setting myself free and if you want to see how it progresses then follow this hashtag #2019VALalong on Facebook, Instagram or even over on Ravelry.

Are you doing something for yourself this Valentines Day?

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