10 February, 2019

The Kitty blouse

Yes, here I am in a blouse with cats on it and I look happy about it too but why? Well, I made it!
OHMYGOSH, I actually sewed myself a proper blouse with plackets, French seams and an FBA using cute kitty cat fabric!

I used the Madison Blouse sewing pattern and yes, you can sew yourself one even if you've never done anything like this before because ...I did!!! (& I've done anything like this before either!)
The cute kitty fabric, I bought from here.

I used KAM Snaps instead of buttons because my automatic button-holer on my sewing machine busted years ago.    I also had my handy Kam Snap remover tool sitting next to me whilst I added the snaps but hey, for once, I didn't actually need it!

I plan on making myself some more as it's a super comfy fit thanks to the FBA that I did (and I learnt how to do one from here).
So, what do you think? Does it look ok? Does the cat fabric look ok on me/with that blouse style?  What material design should I go for next?
Here's some fabric ideas that I'm considering: these lemons, this plaid or yoga loving bulldog fabric! Gah, nope I just saw this Born To Knit fabric -brilliant!
Stay tuned for more blouses AND I thought this next blouse, I'd kinda do a photo tutorial maybe a YouTube video, showing you the steps etc because it's rather easy if you just take it one step at a time.
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