18 January, 2019

Making 'do-able' plans for 2019

As the clock ticked over into a new year, I sat here knitting wondering how I was going to get my head around on the crafty things that I want to do vs things that I actually do.

I always run out of time making gifts.

Sometimes I have just have no motivation.

Sometimes, I just don't know what to make or where to start.

A waste precious crafty time being lazy and then I hate myself for the wasted time.

Problem solving:

Firstly, I sat down and tried to 'forecast' the gifts that I want to make this year and how much time they'd take to make and of course, when they are actually needed.

I started off with a new brand of diary/planner, I felt this one had a better 'crafty' planning mode - so fingers crossed it works out well for me.

I've lowered my 'gifting' radar and just settled on one gift per person (well, basically, per kid!) for their birthday and for Christmas. Ahh, but not to confuse you or me, when I mean ONE gift, I mean, one gift of each type ie: 1 toy, 1 piece of clothing & 1 storage thingy like a pencil case or bag.  So that means forward planning for the birthday in September & December AND of course, forward planning for Christmas too.

I'm also a brand rep for a sewing pattern label, so that means I'm committed to sewing one thing per month. I have to admit that I stumbled on this last year as some things are just not my style and I've solved that little problem by making doll clothes. Yes, they actually have doll sized patterns to match the regular outfits! So rather than wrestling 3metres of fabric and taping big pattern pieces then cutting, sewing etc I'll just have to deal with smaller sized fabric & patterns! Yay, problem solved!
The doll will eventually be given to Laney for a birthday, probably either this year or next and I've also got a pattern for a cute 'kid sized' suitcase that I'll sew up and store all the doll patterns.

I'm also a rep for a yarn store and am also committed to making something yarnie each month. I was stressing slightly over this as often that means that I have to make things that weren't in my 'crafty timeline' but I was hooking up a granny square last night when it hit me … I LOVE blankets! I love the big picture of the finished blanket is made up of lots of smaller ones. So I'll go down the mofit making path this year!

Crafty Mess.
I make a lot of mess. I just can't seem to keep a tidy desk (or house), lots of clutter no matter how much I tidy. I'm hoping that by planning my projects better and having 'quick make projects' semi planned that I won't get piles next to my sewing machine or my couch (for knitting & crocheting).

Making for me.
Last year, I set a goal to be Warm for Winter .. and I did it! I made a snuggly warm hat and my big Shlanket and kept warm on those super cold walks to school.
This year, I want to set a goal of 'every day clothes' - those reliable ones that you pull on without thinking and stay wearing them until they get too dirty and need a wash!
They need to be long enough to hide my gut, I feel self-conscious if the tops are too short.
I want sleeves down to my elbow.
I want pockets.
I also need a sun hat as the UV rating is too high here and I hate my 'fall-back' straw hat.
I also want to make a comfy bra & undies and to top off my making year, I want to make an awesome dress that I just adore wearing.
Not too much to ask for is it?
Luckily, I already have the patterns! I just need to get off my butt and get them printed! I'm going to cheat and get them printed onto A0 sized paper to save me sticking them all together as I really hate that part of sewing - pattern assembly!
Some of the patterns that I'm planning are: Cargo Pants, Concord Tshirt, girly Blouse, dress, hat, bra & undies.
I also want to make myself a quilt. Some of the patterns that I've been eyeing off are: this quilt kit or this fun kit.

Oh & one more thing. I plan on starting a book blog as I love reading - I read everyday. I want to share my love of books as well as use the blog as a way to catalogue what I have read & what they are about.

Money & budgeting.
We all want to save money, always but how? I've been sitting here looking at my large fabric & yarn stashes trying to figure out how to store them when whammo.. it hits me: Use what I have. Stop getting sucked into buying things because it's discounted, on sale, closing down or new release. Sure, buy something if you're going to make it as soon as you get it but if you have to wait … then well, wait. Finish what you're doing first before you buy it. Stash dive to see if there is something else you could use. CHECK your pdf files to make sure you don't actually already own that pattern!!

A subscription renewal came up for a crafty magazine that I've been getting. I was about to click 'renew' but then I tried to remember what I'd made from the magazines. Nothing. Then I sat and thought about all the articles that I'd read. Not one. Do you know what I'd been doing? When I received the magazine in the post, I'd gleefully open it up, flick through it, love all the photos in it then put it down to look properly at later. Later came & went, the magazine still sat there. Then the next magazine would arrive and I'd follow the same steps. So I'm stopping. I MUST make something from each magazine before I allow myself to resubscribe!

Ok!  Well, that was a lot of words, so let's hope it's actually a do-able plan!
Have you made a similar plan for this year or are you totally organised?!

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