16 January, 2019

It was a fun year

I love looking back at the things I've made over the past year. Some things I'd forgotten that I'd made (because they'd been gifted), somethings I use all the time and just a couple turned out be … well, bla.
How was your year last year? Did you enjoy it? Did you miss out on anything that you'd planned on doing?
Wanna take a look at what I did? Yep, of course you do!  Let's start with the above, my favourite make of the year.

A couple of quick little blankets.
Blog post here.
I also made these cute tape measures as well, 
they look pretty in my project bags.
I bought some more tape measures to decorate but they got distributed throughout the house before I could decorate them! 
 ..I'll have to hunt them out & make 'em pretty!
I actually use this folio for what it was designed for and it looks pretty on my shelf & I love how it keeps everything together!
Blog post here.
I love you and I love knitting.
I gave them to my kids for Valentines Day and they play with them still, in fact I saw Joe playing with his heart just yesterday!
This was a free pattern and it hangs above my sewing machine. Blog post here.
Maybe I should make one for my Mum too.
The Circle Cardi. Another make that I'm still constantly wearing!
I'm thinking perhaps I should make myself a brighter one, one that stands out in the crowd!
Laney designed herself a dress, so of course I had to make it for her!  It's actually her go-to dress, she's always wearing it!  I might just have to make her another as she loves it so much.
Blog post here.
My third favourite make of the year, this vest for Joe.
It gets worn heaps and my hubby was a little jealous that he didn't get one!
I'll have to make Joe another in preparation for the cooler weather, this time though, I'll add pockets.
My second favourite make of the year.
Those colours just look awesome on her bed!
Original blog post here.
The blanket really brightens up her room and the yarn is soft & squishy too.
Colourful trousers for Laney. I also use the same pattern for me and they are my a fave to wear as well.
They are so easy to sew that I'm thinking of making some for Joe too.
My favourite make of the year.
I LOVE this bag. It's a backpack, it's a shoulder bag, it's a cross-body bag. Whenever I use it, I get compliments. I'm so glad I made it.
Original blog post here.
A bright cheery shopping tote. I've only made one from the pattern book BUT I do plan on making more, I just need time and some peace & quiet!
A cute little bag for a gift.
Blog post here.
A top for Laney but even though she looked super cute in it, she just didn't like the neckline and has never worn it. Oh well. She's five, she's allowed to have say in what she does & doesn't like.
"Put your hat on Laney" .. something that I've said many times this last year but then she willingly did when I made her this cute hat!
Blog post here.
My big fat snuggly shlanket. I love it. It still needs blocking but I just don't know how to block something that large - gimme some ideas if you have any!
I made myself a warm hat to keep my noggin warm on those chilly days.
Blog post here.
A surprise gift for Joe and he loved it, still uses it every day. This was a 10 Hours or Less pattern, did I make it under 10 hours?
Check out the original blog post to find out & to also get the code to get 20% off any of their patterns!
Laney outgrew her tiny gloves and needed something to keep her hands warm on those cold walks to school in the morning.
Blog post here.
I made this shawl for a friend as a surprise mid-winter gift. She sent me a text after she received it, stating that she loved it & it was perfect for adding that bit of warmth when she was breast-feeding when she was out & about. I love it when surprises turn out to be good surprises!
My first attempt at Tapestry Crochet. I ended up gifting this to my Mum who (hopefully) loved it!
Blog post here.
This pencil skirt is something that I wear all the time. I love the fabric and I love the fit of the skirt … and the skirt was super easy to make too.
Butterfly wings. I think Joe wears these more often than Laney does as she prefers the superhero cape that I made a few years ago but it still gets played with a lot and I'm glad I make it and it'll make the perfect gift too, so perhaps I should make a few more!
Blog post here.
I made a hobby horse. I'm so freakin' proud of myself that I did make it! It was a fairly easy make as it had good instructions and I love seeing the kids play with it - it's often 'galloping' up & down my hall, rescuing toys from imaginary pirates or volcanoes!
A handmade trivet for a themed Kris Kringle, it was a fun project to make as it used techniques that were new to me.
Blog post here.
A small stash-busting gift that I made.
Round the World bag. I love this bag, it's so cute and different from everything else. I have plans to make a stash of them in different sizes for gifts.
Blog post here.
The Unicorn/Horse toy that I sewed for Laney. She loves it and I'm totally proud that I made it myself. It sits next to her bed and I often find her playing with it.
A gorgeous yellow top for Laney. It was an easy sew and she looks super cute in it. I'm planning on making more for her too.
Blog post here.
A super easy cami top. I've since cut out three more in different colours to sew up for me as well.
A cute little ornament for a Kris Kringle swap.
Blog post here.
The unicorn foldaway bag. Wow. Everybody loves this bag, everybody!
Original blog post here but if you want to skip that and just go for the pattern, you'll find it here!
Oops, I forgot to announce the winner of the Maker giveaway!
My bad, it gets really busy at that time of year!  So I asked my kids to pick a winner.  
 ….and the winner is: LittlePaperHeartsHandMade from Instagram.

A cute alley cat & garbage can for Joe. He loves it, he loves small things that have hiding places = the perfect combo. He calls it the kitty in the cookie tin though!

This romper that I made for Laney was a super hit with her and me. She looks so cute it in and it doesn't fall down like normal trousers & shorts when she's bouncing on the trampoline.
Blog post here.
I've already bought some fabric to make her a bunch more!

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