24 September, 2019

Ombre crochet blanket

 a gorgeous ombre crochet blanket by CraftyRie
I'm just a little bit in love with the colours of my new completed crochet blanket, it has a minty grey ombre effect.
a gorgeous ombre crochet blanket by CraftyRie
I got the yarn from American Yarns and it's this yarn.  I love the big balls, and I used 6 balls (or skeins, if that's what you want to call them) of the yarn to make this expanding blanket.

a gorgeous ombre crochet blanket by CraftyRie
The blanket starts in one corner and you keep adding rows until you've got the size that you're after.
This blanket fits the single bed nicely and finishes just before the pillow with plenty of room to tuck it in at the sides, it also makes a fab blanket for the couch which is where I've been snuggling up on these chilly nights.
a gorgeous ombre crochet blanket by CraftyRie
Yarn used, here.
Pattern via project page here.

Stuff in the bedroom:
Cute unicorn pillow here.
The green elephant is something that I haven't shared with you yet, not sure why though, maybe because I made them & handed them straight to the kids to play with!
Yellow unicorn horse as well!
Fat quarter cushions that I made.
The Tigger cross stitch on the wall is something that I made approx 25 years ago, long before I had kids!
a gorgeous ombre crochet blanket by CraftyRie
What do think of it? Do you like the colours? 
Did I choose a suitable pattern?  What should I make next?
I talked more about the pattern is this previous post as I kept getting asked lots of questions on Instagram, did you read it?

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