04 November, 2019

The Awesome Beatrice Cowl

A gorgeous cowl knit by CraftyRie.
I'm seriously in love with newest finished project.
This was a long term project, I'd pick it up every now & then when I needed a 'smaller' project to take places (such as in the car or to the kids sports stuff).

I'm so glad I made as the yarn is gorgeous and matches the stitches perfectly. 
The pattern is from the world's most gorgeous knitting book and you can it the book either here or here
I also knit this jumper from the same book, the patterns are just awesome! 

That gorgeous yarn, you can get from here & it's the Lemon Quartz shade.

I wasn't sure if the yellow would suit me but this pop of colour over the top of my clothes just cheers me up!  Whatchya think of it?

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