01 June, 2020

Caterpillar Butterfly soft toy

Yesterday was the last day of our self isolation (after 2 months of iso), so I took the opportunity to make one last thing with/for the kids before they headed back to school. I printed out a pattern that I'd had for a while (& not used) and hit out fabric stash to make these cute butterfly/caterpillar toys.

They start as a caterpillar and then you can turn them inside to reveal the butterfly then back again to the caterpillar & so on.

We didn't use the fabric type recommended as it's not something that I normally have in my stash. I actually cut up an old pair of jeans to use for my caterpillar!
Do you think they're cute?
Also, didn't Joe do an excellent job on his (the blue butterfly), I did the sewing machine bit but he did everything else.
Whilst it is super cute and the kids love it, gosh, the pattern was frustrating.
The pattern pieces were easy to cut out BUT the designer had skipped the most common thing when it comes to patterns. For example, they did not add "cut 2" etc to each pattern piece. It was so frustrating, I don't know about you but I tend to refer to that actual pattern pieces when cutting (like with clothing or bags) but I had to keep going back to the actual written pattern to find out how many I needed to cut for each piece.
It would also have been helpful to find have a note on what other fabrics were recommended too.  And when it came to joining it all together (inserting the caterpillar to the butterfly) the designer relied on a photo with a vague description on what to do. Luckily, I have sewn many bags & pouches and know how to do this in a breeze but my son struggled with this part.
Pattern is this one. You can quilt whatever design you want onto the wings, I just went with simple. I also just used a piece of batting on the inside to give the wings some structure.

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