11 June, 2020

Two little pixies

Little knitted pixies by CraftyRie.
I knitted these little pixies for the kids.

I had planned on making lots but for me, the pattern just sucked. I struggled through it, knitting only two (one for each of my children) and then tossed the pattern.
Now, I don't know about you but I like a well layed out knitting pattern. To me, this pattern had too much 'white space' within the pattern and the graph/chart wasn't complete, you had to refer to the line in the graph/chart then turn the page to the instructions to find out how many rows you needed to do of it. I like graphs/charts that tell you exactly what to do without having to refer to the instructions for further details otherwise, why do you have the chart?
How do you like your knitting patterns (with graph/charts) to be layed out & written? Do you have a favourite pattern or a prefer a designer just because they layout their patterns & graphs/charts wonderfully, care to share which ones in the comments as I'd love to know.
Little knitted pixies by CraftyRie.

Anyway, the kids loved them, they play with them and that's all the really matters.

Pattern is this one.
The stunning yarn was this and it's seriously gorgeous!
You can get the wooden peg dolls from here or here.

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Little knitted pixies by CraftyRie.

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