31 August, 2021

A Boxy Pouch

 Boxy Pouch sewn with scrap fabrics

I recently sewed this pouch using scrap fabrics for the cute external zipper pocket and just random greys for the outer fabric.

Front zipper view of boxy pouch with tag showing

We won't mention how I put the label on upside down, nope, we'll ignore that.

I'm not sure what I'll use it for, maybe I'll give it to my son as he was wanting a new project bag for his crochet.

I used the pattern from this book or this book in Australia, I also reviewed the pattern book in this YouTube video, have you seen it yet?  How was the review? I'm working on improving my channel, so stick with me as I grow more confident there!

Fingers opening the front zipper section on the boxy pouch
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Fingers opening top zipper showing the interior of the boxy pouch

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