17 September, 2021

Knitting Needle review


I'm showcasing & reviewing these gorgeous knitting needles, the KnitPro Zing Interchangeable Needle Set.

The set includes 8 different sized knitting needles that are interchangeable with the cables that are included in the handy pouch. 

There are 4 cables included; 2 x 80cm (I'm using 1 in these photos), 1 x 60cm & 1 x 100cm.  Also included within the kit, are 8 end caps, 4 cable keys, 1 set of cable connectors, 1 set of wool needles & 1 set of stitch holders.  

The cable end caps are handy when you want to try on your knitting for size & fit, you can unscrew the needles & screw on the end caps as it stops the knitting from coming off (& coming undone). 

The cable keys are what you use to screw on & unscrew the knitting needles to the cables so they're not too loose when you're knitting.

The cable connectors are used when you need to add extra length to your cable, so you can join two cables together. They're fantastic for those wider projects like blankets and other types of projects.

The wool needles are super handy to have to weave in those ends and I really like these type as the 'eye of the needle' is easy to thread and doesn't snag on the yarn or project.

The stitch holders are always useful and I love the colours that these ones come in.

Things I really love about these KnitPro Zing Interchangeable Needles:

~ they have a lovely smooth firm grip, not slippery at all

~ they are evenly balanced 

~ the cables are easy to use & change (& join) 

~ the cable doesn't kink at all

~ the gorgeous range of colours 

~ the handy box & notions that come with this kit

~ and best of all, there is just something joyous & magical about matching your needle to your yarn!

I love using these Zing interchangeable needles rather than 'straight needles' as the cables are soft & flexible and don't whack my boobs when I'm knitting. 

They are also handy when you pop your knitting down, the needles are NOT sittings straight up in the air and therefore won't get snapped or broken.

To be honest, I switched to interchangeable knitting needles when I had my second baby as I was knitting whilst breastfeeding and the straight needles would constantly tap,tap,tap the baby on the head whereas when I switched to interchangeables, they didn't tap the baby as they were no where near the babies head! 

I also love using these interchangeable knitting needles for projects when I'm knitting in the car as they aren't wide or pointy at all, so they are un-obtrusive and the knitting can easily be pushed to the centre of the cable & the needles stuck into the balls so they don't get in the way when I'm getting in & out of the car.

Overall, I recommend these needles, they would make a great present as they're boxed up so prettily or they'd be the perfect gift for yourself as everything is stored neatly inside the box. 

I'm so glad to know have this full colourful kit as owning a clickety clack rainbow makes my heart sing!

Head over to and check out the KnitPro Zing Interchangeable Needle Set now, you won't be disappointed! 

This has been a collaborative blog post, all images, thoughts & comments are my own.

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