01 November, 2021

What are these?

Something a little different today, can you guess what these (above) are?

I hadn't made them before today, this was my first time sewing them. They looked harder to sew than they were.

They are the best ever scraps stash busting thing ever, one piece of the pattern was super small, perfect for those itty bitty scraps.

Yes, I used knit/stretch fabric, it's a 95/5 blend for extra stretch & recovery. 

The picture looks like I made 4 things but in fact I made 2. 

I made 2 pairs. ...worked it out yet?

My kids were super excited to try them on, they've now asked for more in every colour available. My son says they are more comfortable than shop bought ones. My daughter asked for ones with pompoms.

The pattern is this one. Go grab it and use your scraps. 

Aren't they the cutest things ever!  These were the first test ones, so I just used the first scraps I came too. The heels & toes were optional, I really liked the heels as they turn a 'tube sock' into a 'proper sock't that doesn't slip off the foot easily. The cuffs were also optional, I liked the pop of colour at the top.

They come in heaps of sizes, lengths and options, they even come in tights and adult sizes

The pattern was well written with heaps of instructions, making them easy to sew.

Now that I've mastered these, I'm tempted to make more and to also make these ones because I know my son would just love them and he's getting harder to buy & make for as he gets older (he turns 11 soon).

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