08 January, 2013

Recipe: Honeycomb

This honeycomb makes for an excellent gift, wrapped up in a pretty jar or as a surprise afternoon treat for those people that have been extra good!

This is a very quick thing to make, it is made within 10 minutes then you set it aside to set - super quick, super easy!

Honeycomb sounds like it would be a daunting/complicated thing to make, but trust me, it isn't.
I have a few tips for you though just to make things easier....
~ do NOT use a small saucepan, use a bigger one that would at least hold 5 cups of water in it easily (trust me on this bit!)
~ accurately measure the bicarb (otherwise that is all you will taste!).
~ mix the bicarb in with a knife

~ get the tray ready to put the honeycomb BEFORE you start to make it, as this stuff sets pretty quickly!

100g caster sugar
120 g golden syrup (or 4Tb but I prefer to weigh the syrup as it is so much easier)
1.5 tsp bicarb soda

~ Line a tray with baking paper.
~ In a saucepan, melt the sugar & syrup together. Swirl the pan (don't stir it) to dissolve the sugar.
~ All the mix to boil and when it is a golden brown colour, take off the heat.
~ Add the bicarb soda to the mix, ensuring that it is stirred thoroughly - the mix will froth & bubble & increase in size.
~ Pour onto the tray & leave to set, it can be placed in the fridge to quicken the setting time.
~ Break up and either gift wrap or eat!!  It can also be covered in chocolate or crumbled over icecream....mmm, yum!


  1. Ooooh wow! Should I be a naughty Aunty and givethis to my nieces and nephew?!...

  2. Hi. Looks delicious. Should the second step read sugar and syrup not bicarbonate?

  3. Yep! @another donkey design by kate ... it sure should be mix sugar & syrup - good pickup. I'll go fix the typo now!


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