15 January, 2013

Sock stack

My mum is awesome.  Look at the HUGE pile of socks she made for us for Christmas! Awesome huh!
Jealous yet?

She even wrapped the yarn label over each sock so I could see what yarn was used.
Mum & I have this thing you see, a thing where I buy sock yarn & give it to her... then she knits the socks and gives the knitted socks to me for birthdays & Christmas.  We are both winner then, she loves to knit socks & I hate to knit socks. I love getting knitted socks for gifts and she doesn't have to worry about buying me anything.
So tell me, do you have an arrange similar to that with someone?  


  1. Wow look at all those socks. They look fantastic. Wish my mum loved knitting socks. I love those colors too, all nice for winter.

  2. What an excellent arrangement you have. I love sock yarn and do enjoy knitting socks and gloves too :)

  3. Oh wonderfull!
    I didn't get any socks for christmas, darn.
    But I did make 2 pairs myself, though I gave one of them away to my mom because I made them too big for myself. Which is only fair because she just finished a poncho for me:)

  4. Yep! I sew things for my mum, usually practical things and she knits me scarves and hats!


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