23 February, 2016

Ta daa: overalls

A quick show & tell today.
I actually cut these out a few months ago and suddenly yesterday I remembered that I hadn't made them & thought I'd better sew them up before Laney has a growth spurt!
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I used some vintage sheet fabric, I just love this stuff as it's already soft & drapes lovely.
The pattern is this one and it was pretty easy to make. I actually just kinda glanced at the pattern, didn't really follow the instructions!
My favourite thing about the pattern is I'll be able to make Laney many more of these overalls over the years.
I just wished I had the pattern when Joe was younger!

Laney refused to co-operate and have her photo taken.
I asked nicely.
I bribed.
In the end I gave up.
This is what happened the first time if could take her photo ... she threw herself on the ground and said "NO MUMMA". Ok Laney, I'm not deaf, no need to scream it.

I did want you to see it on her, the overalls are cute, this was the only clear shot I got of the front ...as she ran away...

So, what shall I make next?  I have the cutest Union Jack fabric that would make a gorgeous tunic/dress for her but I can't find a dress that has just the one piece at the front - most have bodices.  Any suggestions?  This is probably the only one that it might suit but I kinda wanted either pockets or a slightly different neckline.

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