10 February, 2016

How about a VAL?

It turns out that Valentines Day is next week.... and for me or for most ..or for some, well, we sometimes find that day a little disappointing.
Now don't get me wrong, I'm not single nor am I hoping for surprise Valentine to pop up, nope!  I've been with the same fella for nearly 20 years and have learnt that it's best to treat myself to my own Valentine pressie!

What is a VAL?
A VAL is a Valentine-along.
This will be the third year that I've done the VAL, yes it started in 2014 with me making wrap for myself then last year I made shawl.  So, what should I make this year?  Hmm......

Anyway, enough about me... what about you? Do you want to be your own Valentine? Will you join in the VAL?

What are the rules? How do I join in?
Rules? hmm, let's keep it simple.
... you must make something for yourself (
not for your Valentine but for you)
... you must make something that you will love or something that you have coveted

... and you must start it on Valentines Day

See, not many rules and heck, I don't care if you start this now ...just make something for yourself!

I've figured out what I'm going to do... I bought this Craftsy class and will watch, make notes, buy the supplies and make a super cool tote/bag!  Maybe you'd like to do it with me?

Yep! I'm so ...or should I say : I'm SEW excited!  What about you? Are you in?


  1. Oh you did get it, I have it in my long list of classes I never make time to finish! Maybe, I should do it too!

  2. with a long list of things for me, yes I shall join in!


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