17 February, 2016

Ta daa: pot holders

I'm feeling pretty chuffed with myself .. I bought an online class, watched the class then actually, (yes actually!) sat down at my sewing machine and completed the first practice project which are these pot holders. 
So ..or sew, what do you think? Would you like to see some more piccies, even the mistakes? Of course you do!
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The back of the holders.
I've had this fabric for years but I really don't like it but I thought it would remind me that it was the 'hot' side of the holder!
I'm actually using what I've learnt from two Craftsy classes with these pot holders. The main reason I'm making these are it's the first step in making this bag and I'm practicing my quilt as you go technique as per the class plan.  I'm also incorporating the stuff that I am learning in this class about quilting with my walking foot - so I'm kinda digging that I utilising both classes at the same time!
This is the first one that I completed, so many errors but it was a great learning experience.  Let me show you what I learnt.  Ahh, but what errors? 
Ok, can you see that yellow panel with the curves on it... those curves are supposed to be facing the same way. Lesson learnt.. when quilting with your walking foot, DON'T turn the fabric at the end of the row, instead cut the thread & move back to the top/start and begin a new row. I'm using my new skills from this course on how to make curves with a walking foot.
My next try at curves was better BUT I need to remember to finish the curve before starting the next row AND to start in the same place just a smidge along from the other one.

So then I popped the binding on it using the technique in this class.. and yay, it pretty much worked out ok!
So then feeling very brave, I jumped straight into my second pot holder. I still made a few small errors but am happy with it overall.
And are you in love with the orange panda fabric as much as I am!  I'm going to have to get some more of that as it was only a tiny scrap leftover from pouch making at Christmas time.

And now onto the next step!

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