25 March, 2020

Photo Wall

Ok, you seriously need to see the new print that we just popped up on our bedroom wall.
The gorgeous print is from PhotoWall.
We were originally going to put a mural up on the wall but we (as a couple) struggled to agree on something together and also, our bed is weird! As you can tell from the photos, we have a purple ribbed bed, so a lot of stuff that we liked would have required a new bed but we like our bed and I love how the colours in this artwork complement the bed!

I thought I'd also share some of the other designs that I loved, like this greyish mural, the birds & branches would have looked great coming down from the ceiling.
We also loved this crisp clear twig mural, the bright white background and the branch/twig was really look lovely.
We ended up choosing this gorgeous print, it's called Golden Riptide.
We first thought it would make a fab mural over the entire wall but after staring at our bedroom wall for a bit, we decided it would look best as a print. I jumped straight onto the computer with the dimensions in hand and ordered the canvas print of it straight away.
Oh and before I forget, I also need to share with you the other design that really, really, really, really, really, really loved. It was this gorgeous bird one but hubs said no. He wouldn't budge, even though I practically begged him but that's ok as I'm super happy with the artwork that we chose together.

Now, I have a special deal for you. you can get 25% off from the PhotoWall website using the code: craftyrie2021  

Also, I have to tell you that I ordered it & received it four days!  That was super fast! I think it took longer to choose just one print than it did to receive it!

Yes, my bed is purple, hubby made it about 20+ years ago and he actually let me paint it purple!
Yes, I have a ton of books on my bedside table but it's actually less than half of what it normally is cos I knocked it over whilst putting the picture up!
Yes, I made those cushions .. you can check out how easy there were to make in this old blog post.
Yes, I made the granny square blanket, in fact it's about 30 years old!
Yes, the crappy flower artwork on either side of the really nice artwork is made by amateurs (ie me 7 hubs)!

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