04 March, 2020

Temperature Blanket 2020

Hey there!  It's March already, the year is flying by and it's no longer summer! Phew, it feels like I'm still only a few weeks into the new year.

I decided this year to do a Temperature Blanket, have you ever done one?
I made sure to check the local meteorology site before I started to find out what the most common average temperatures were (for where I live). As those colours/temps would feature most of in the blanket, you need to chose something that you want to see a lot of. So for those two averages, I chose mint green and orange. As you can tell from what I've done so far (last image), that I'll be using those colours a lot!
The picture above shows the very first week of January and the picture below is the first 18 days of the new year.
Big thanks to the lovelies over at AmericanYarns.com.au as they were super helpful picking out my colours.

Towards the end of this year, when I will have a bigger blanket, I will putting together a pattern for a Temperature blanket with a guide on choosing colours, how much yarn is needed etc.

If you want to see a more photos of my blanket as it progresses then keep an eye on either my Instagram or Facebook as I share more over there on a daily basis.

Once again, big hugs to AmericanYarns.com.au for the supporting my efforts in my #2020TemperatureBlanket

Big love, Rie.
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