30 December, 2020

Two Quilts & A New Year

Remember that time back in lockdown this year, that awful 'term two' of school where we had to have everyone at home? Yeah, I do, I had to  be Mrs Mum and teach the kids school work that was provided by the school and subsequently pretty much cried every day due to the stress of it? 

I remember wanting to do something for me, something to remember this time, something to help me through this time and more importantly.. I wanted 'me time'. So each weekend, I sat at the sewing machine & declared that no one was to bother me and I sewed. I sewed two quilt tops, both from fabric from stash. 

Joe's quilt top was first. It's made up from scraps and a white jelly roll I found in the back of my cuboard. The squares are just the scraps all sewn up then trimmed into a square shape. the long colourful strips at the side were the remaining scraps sewn long edge to long edge then trimmed into a huge jelly roll type shape.

I love the overall effect of it all. 

Delaney's quilt is a Dr Who quilt from the large stash of accumulated Dr Who fabric that I'd sourced over the years. 

It's just big fat squares sewn together, pretty simple really!

The tough bit of each quilt was the trimming, the basting and of course, the quilting. I wrestled it all on the kitchen table and have sworn to myself that I'm never quilting a full quilt at home again!

Mind you, I'm a sucker for punishment, and have enrolled in a class for a quilt as you go quilt. I've even bought a couple of layer cakes to use with the class.

The kids received the quilts for Christmas and they loved them both and have been sleeping with them on the bed every night. Joe keeps complimenting me on the quilt and states he's never taking it off!

Did you receive anything crafted for Christmas or perhaps did you give handmade for Christmas this year? 

Have you already made plans for next year? 


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