04 January, 2021

Elephant Sleeping Bags

Ok, so I realise that Elephant Sleeping Bags is an odd topic but that's how I spent my day yesterday, making sleeping bags for some toy elephants so that I could hang them up on the wall instead of watching the kids drop yet another toy on the floor only to not find it again for months.


Does that happen in your house? Things going on the floor and piling up until all is lost and you just kinda want to throw it all out?

Yep? That happens in our house. A lot. So I decided that I was going to make some bags with hook tabs so I can hang them on the wall and then the kids will hang them on the wall too.

I didn't use a pattern for the sleeping bag, kinda self drafted one for the elephants

I'm thinking of making more of these sleeping bags for their toys, maybe even applique or stencil some designs by using free svg files for graphics to truly personalise them.  Ooh, wouldn't they make great gifts too with small teddies on the inside!

Oh, the elephants were actually made by me a few years ago, using this pattern and ironically, they actually have a bag/case that you sew with them ..but I never got around to it!
I've been popping them up on sticky hooks, so later on, we can always move them with out ruining the paint.


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