09 March, 2021

Breast Milk Jewellery


Yes, weirdly it is as exactly as it sounds: jewellery made with breast milk! In fact, they can also make jewellery with ashes, hair and other weird stuff too but I'm going to show & tell you all about breast milk jewellery!

These gorgeous items are both made with my breast milk! 

To clarify, no I'm not currently breast feeding BUT when I was (6 years ago), I had expressed some milk and stored it in the freezer and then later totally forgot about it. Until recently when I was cleaning out the freezer and I found this old milk. I didn't know what to do with it, it just felt wrong to throw it away. I decided to use it and have it turned into some awesome breast milk jewellery!

So, do you like it? I ordered myself a ring and a bead to go onto my bangle. I could have ordered lots more as I had heaps of milk but I restrained myself to just these two pieces.

I absolutely adore them. They serve as a great momento for a major moment in my life and will hopefully be able to pass them onto my children one day. 

Are you interested in getting yourself a treasured piece? You could try here or if you want to try to DIY it yourself, try these handy kits

...fact, the more you look at the word Jewellery, the weirder it looks!

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