24 March, 2021


Well, hello!  Did you blink and discover it was almost the end of March too? I did, phew, the year is flying by for me! Maybe because I'm trying to squeeze too much in!

Here's just a few things that I'm working on:

Crocheting this blanket. I was hoping to turn it into a jacket but I don't think I'll have enough yarn, so a blanket it is.

Knitting this shawl with self-striping yarn.

Knitting this top using mini skeins that I prewound into a ball so I'm having to stop judging the colours that keep popping up!

Need to block & press this cardigan. I've been waiting for the pattern book to arrive in the mail before I was going to do a proper show & tell but I've been waiting almost three months now and it's still on pre-order. Sigh.

I did get the buttons for it though, what do you think of these ones? I got them from here.

My 10yo son & I have been going through his craft supplies, tossing out what he doesn't actually want, so I've now ended up with a big box of scraps. I've been sewing them together and trying to film me doing it so I can add it to my YouTube channel

Also, yes, I'm trying to breathe some life into my YouTube channel, I have a few videos already planned for it. Have you subscribed to it yet? Before I bring it back to life, I thought I'd add some colour to things and have just ordered a new logo (from here), can't wait for it to be finished! If you subscribe to my YouTube channel, you'll be the first to see my new logo, I can't wait for you to see it!

 We started an art junk journal over the summer holidays and every now & then we do some more work on it. It's really relaxing and a great way to reuse something that was originally headed to the bin.

I sold my old sewing desk, it just wasn't working for me. I'm planning & building a new desk and will certainly show you that once it's done.

Oh my gosh, there's just so much more stuff that I'm doing but I try not to clutter my brain with all my wips! 

What have you been up too?

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