25 March, 2021

Favourite Craft Ideas, Craft Gifts & Craft Supplies

It's a miserable wet day today and I'm sitting on the couch, perusing the internet for all the best craft stuff, so I thought I'd share all the awesome stuff I found with you! Firstly, you could just jump straight on over to check out my curated lists OR you could have a peek below for some ideas!

Firstly, let's talk craft kits. I love craft kits, absolutely adore them. I love receiving them in the mail, cracking the package open and diving straight in. I love how everything is in there: pattern & all the supplies. I've created a list of all the best craft kits here for you to see, the above photo is a sneak peak of some of the kits.

Then, lets talk about a pretty home, we all desire it right?! Here's some quick inspo to make your humble abode even more cosy, link is here..

Do you have a penpal? I do, in fact I have five, two overseas and three within Australia. I'm always after cute things to send to them but of course, with postage being quite expensive, I need to keep an eye out for smaller stuff that fits into a regular envelope along with my letter. I'll share with you my not-so-secret Penpal ideas list here, hopefully you'll like some of the ideas and maybe send a surprise letter to someone special.

And just in case you need some ideas on what to make for the child who has an 18" doll in their life, cos yeah, that's me, check out these patterns.

Remember, there are more lists here and it's fun to make your own. I often browse the stores when I have free time and add them to my lists, as it makes birthday & Christmas shopping so much easier if I already have some ideas up my sleeve! In fact, if you have a curated list or even just a favourites list, share it with me, so I can do some extra drooling!

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