12 February, 2010

Blanket ideas

I'm in need of your help......
A friend is having a baby and I want to crochet her a baby blanket as a gift.... but...
are these colours suitable and what size should I make it? 


  1. The colours are ace! I think they are cotton which is great and machine washable is vital. Cot or pram sized would be best. Have fun.

  2. The colours are gorgeous (but only include pink if you know she is having a girl!) The colours without the pink are a fantastic neutral combo.
    I would go pram size as then it can also be used in the car seat as a lap rug.

  3. great colors, suitable for boy or girl!! here we make baby blankets about 81cm by 91cm.

  4. Don't even think about it - they're fab (I always overthink the colour thing until I'm bored before I start). I vote pram size too - handy to tote around...

  5. I agree, the colors are wonderful and pram size is so much more practical- and can be used by the child to wrap their dolls in when they have outgrown the pram themselves.


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