23 February, 2010

Paper cuts

I set myself a new task, a simple task, to cut up simple sheets of paper.  Easy right?  Wrong.
I pulled out my little board cutter, perfect for cutting the paper..... or so I thought.
But no, the cutter is too short for the simple A4 paper (which leads me to the question of why did I buy such a small one to start with!).
So it's back to the good old fashioned mechanical device, you may recognise them from your childhood....... scissors!
Ok, cutting up with scissors will be a breeze.... but wait, did you see how thick the stack is?
Oh and then there is that small fact, I can't cut a straight line to save myself (nor can I sew a straight line but that's getting sidetracked).
These scraps are just from one page of tidying up my wonky lines.... yes, from just one page.
This is going to take some time, some patience and maybe a few bribes to Mr to see if he will help!
A few days later and this small stack is what I have managed to cut up so far.  And no, Mr didn't help - he blamed bad lighting so he couldn't!
And these little springs are what I made from the scraps - which may explain why it's taking me so long to cut the strips (it's much more fun to get distracted!).

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