06 February, 2010

Wind away

Here is another new toy for me!
It's a wool winder, I love the simplicity of the winder design and the shape of the balls.
But.... after I wound my first ball, I had a slight panic attack! The ball was wound so tight on the winder, I thought it was going to stretch the yarn. 
I want my abs that tight not the wool! So with a disgruntled moan, I pulled it from the winder, and voila... a perfect ball of yarn - it was tight due to the centre cone, once off the cone the ball relaxed! Phew!


  1. Thank you for posting pictures of your new toy! I've been dying for one of these because of my OCD obsession with all of my yarn being wound the same way. I wondered what the end result would look like because it seemed that the center hole would be largish. Looks like that is not the case. So how practical do you think it would be to wind a modest yarn stash on one of these?

  2. How cool is that? You really are becoming the queen of gadgets :)

  3. How practical is it to wind a modest yarn stash.... well that's what I am doing at the moment and it's BORING! The only excitement I get is when I do it too fast & stop suddenly and the swift double backs on itself and knots up or when I wind too vigoroursly & knock my glass of water over cos the table is wobbly!


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