19 February, 2010

In the makings.... finally finished!

Ok, so I finally managed to finish these - don't know why it turned out to be such a big task as they were only little flowers! 
So here are the dinky flowers!



  1. They really are wonderful - I get all fingers and thumbs when I try ;) K

  2. They look GREAT! is this your pattern? are there instructions available?!

  3. Thanks Guys, oops I mean, Thanks Girls!
    The flower pattern is a new one that I tried from Attic24 blog - have you checked out her blog - it's awesome! The link is below.. http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/crochet-flowers-and-leaves.html

  4. Love them!!! more please! what happens to them now?

  5. yeah, I am also curious as to know what are now to happen with them?


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