10 April, 2010


I have the daggiest of daggiest giveaways for you!
It is a 100% cotton Tasmania souvenir 2010 calendar tea towel!

I purchased whilst aboard the Spirit of Tasmania when we were sailing back from Tassie on Easter Monday.
The giveaway is only for my blogger friends/followers (new & old), just a way of saying thank you.  All you have to do is leave a comment on the post below.

Entries are open all week & I will randomly pick the winner on Saturday the 17th April.
Good luck!

Oh, in case you were wondering why we were in Tasmania, we were collecting our 'old Tasmania car'; our Sandman Panel Van because our 'newish Melbourne Magna' was written off by the insurance after some idiot decided to jump a lane and ended up smashing into our car.  
All are ok, expecting of the course the idiot who drove into us, but I guess he will always be an idiot.
Want to see the coolest car on earth? Yes? Well here is our Sandman Panel Van - he's just adorable!


  1. you are so nice! thanks for the giveaway:) p.s. i´ve started knitting my first scarf. i´ll keep you posted... hugs!

  2. Count me in for the giveaway!

    Cool car! Reminds me of old times.



  3. I love that you say "daggiest". I thought I was the only person who Dagged as part of speech! I'm following this blog for that alone!

    Well, and for a chance at the wonderful towel, of course. ;P


  4. Hi! Go the Sandman! I am just old enough to remember when EVERYone drove a shaggin' wagon. Rie, I always dreamed of going on the Spirit of Tasmania, but they stopped running it to Sydney before I got the chance. Ah, one day I still might travel on her. Bye for now! xx

  5. Hi Rie, I'm going to enter your give away so that Tasmania can have back it's tea towel!
    Blimey a PV!! Now that brings back some good and bad memories....any you had to go all the way to Tasmania to get one...boy I remember Sydney was just crawling with them!
    You're going to need a pair of fluffy dice!


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