07 April, 2010

I hate it when this happens

Do you hate this.....
You're in the middle of a crochet or knitting project, you've made good money for a good brand of wool,
you get a knot in the yarn in the middle of the ball. A knot - where they have joined the yarn mid ball.

 I hate it!


  1. Me too!! I always wondered if that meant someone had used it, not liked it and returned it.

  2. I curse when that happens! Sned a link of this post to the company you bought the wool off... perhaps they will compensate! ;)

  3. I cannot stand it... What is that about? I suppose at some point at the mill or factory or whatever the line runs out and (in these economically greedy times) they just tie them together rather than have to throw out a ball...? But really, as you said, it's not what you pay for, is it? They should be classed as seconds or something and sold appropriately. Kx

  4. oh I can't stand that!

  5. YES!!! it happened to me recently when I was knitting a scarf....and it happened multiple times, not happy jan!


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