30 April, 2010


Have you ever been enthusiastically in the middle of a project, when all of a sudden..... you realise that you won't be able to finish the project!!  Mainly due to lack of planning (on my part anyway) and you have to put the project aside to pick up another day.

Well, that's what I've done. Don't call me Crafty Rie anymore, call me Unplanned Rie or Unorganised Rie or 'Doesn't quite think things all the way through' Rie.

Why? The baby blanket I was making for a friend, well, I don't have enough yarn to finish it, I mean - I am not even a quarter of the way through and I'm almost out of yarn.   AND, I don't have the time on my hands to search for more of the yarn, so I've got to put the project aside & start anew because I can't exactly ask her to delay having the baby just so I can finish off her present before the birth can I!  UGH, why don't I think things through!!!!!!!

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  1. The story of my quilting life and the reason I am now a scrap quilter...


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