18 April, 2010

Holy Batman, Robin... it worked!

Yes, my first reaction was "HOLY CRAP IT WORKED!"
So, you're thinking.... what worked, has this girl gone insane?

Ok, well yes, sanity is a little thin on my part but yes, I created magic! Well, my kind of magic anyway!

With this baby blanket I'm making - I suddenly had a panic attack......"I hate sewing together granny squares".
Surely there has to be a better way.

So I sat staring at the last blanket I did - looking at the joins, my brain ticking over thinking "only if I can join them as I go". And then, well, something clicked into place, so why can't I join as I go? Humph, why can't I? Surely I can try?

Well, I tried and guess what, Holy Crap It Worked!
Ok, so I'll admit, I had to do, undo, re-do, undo, re-do about three times, but hey, it worked and it looks good! Clever huh!
And because I am probably going to be an expert at it by the time I finish it.... did you want me to make a tutorial to show you how it's done too?


  1. ah nice!
    I almost regret having started on my blanket long time ago.. But then I am making it with leftovers, so I haven't decided on the colour combination yet.
    But a good idea anyways!:)


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