15 August, 2012

A box

Ahh, don't ya just love fellow crafty bloggers!
I received this awesome box in the post from Lisa of In The Boon Docks

Awesome huh!  Yarn in the post - nothing more divine!  Now if you're looking at the knitting in the pic above, Lisa picked it up (thrift-wise), wasn't sure what to make of it, so she sent it to me!  Yay!! I love a challenge, kind of reminds me of Mr Squiggle as a kid...but that's another story all together!

BTW... sorry about the crappy dark untouched photos - it's cold & gloomy down here and I don't have the patience in me sitting at this dark cold desk with a toddler at my feet to retouch them!


  1. That is an awesome parcel indeedy!

  2. des pelotes sympa tu vas pouvoir faire de jolie choses bravo a bientôt biz


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