14 August, 2012

Fabric sorting

Hello! How are you? What are you doing today?
Me? Well, I'm sorting my fabric, I've decided to sort it into colour piles - you know, yellows, oranges, pinks/reds, blues, brown etc ... but I need your help with these ones..
a) .. have no idea with this one  ??
b).. black? pink?   ??
c)..  pink? blue? green? ??
d).. vomit? ??
My hubby suggested I put them into a Multi-colour pile ... but that is where all my fabric would end up... help!


  1. One way of categorising them is to use their background colour..c would be blue. a & b could either be black or red as these colours are both dominant throughout the pattern but multi would suit a,b and d as a separate add on after black perhaps,especially as b seems to have a black background. I'm no expert though!

  2. White, black, pink and orange :)

  3. Gosh I have that problem too!

  4. Ah, I see your problem, troublesome!
    d, could be brownish colours..

  5. I'd put them with the colours you'd put with them. So for the second one down, I'd put it with the pinks as that's the colour I'd use it with. If it's more than one, you'll have to straddle two piles!

  6. Well, you could send them to me, i will but them in the multi colored pile. Whoch is easy for me.


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