06 August, 2012

Taa daa or better known as "Phew, I'm glad that's finished!!"

Remember late last year I was knitting a shawl?  Well, anyway I was!  I was knitting it on the long car trips that we had (3-4hours each way) up to the hospital to visit relatives. Well, the relatives are long out of hospital and the shawl is finally finished!

It didn't really turn out to be in the shape of a shawl cos I wasn't following a pattern & just kept knitting until I ran out of yarn - like I said, these were really long car trips!

 I increased in the middle of each row (see below 2  pics)

AND, I'm not really happy with the yarn - it had small knots in it that you can't hide when knitting - you'd think that if you spent good money on yarn that it would be one continuous thread wouldn't you!
deets on Ravelry here...


  1. Lovely shawl. I've found those little knots really annoying too. I always retie them as well as sometimes they are not really securely tied and I don't want my work coming undone down the track a little.

  2. I love the colour you chose, I think it will be great for snuggling under in front of the fire and knitting next Winter.
    Grrr I hate knots in my yarn too. I think every knitter does. I always, always undo/cut the knot and rejoin the yarn then weave in the ends when I've finished. A PITA but it makes for a much neater project and a happier me :)
    Beautiful! x

  3. worth every backbreaking or should I say finger breaking second its is really beautiful well done!

    Helen :)


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